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What happens after I win my bid?

Bidding Via Zeus - You will receive an invoice that is sent to the email that you registered with. It will include the total amount due along with a description of each parcel won. We recommend you download our Lien Buyer handout rather it be for a Commissioners' Certificate or Tax Sale, it will guide you on the responsibilities of a lien buyer. 


Bidding Via live sale - After the live sale is over you will be given an invoice that will show the total winning bids. The county gives you adequate time to go to the bank to gather funds if needed. 


We recommend you do  your research prior to bidding on any parcel.  SRI does not have an specific information regarding parcel, we only provide what is seen on our website. Example: Do you know if there is a home or building on the property? -No, we are unable to provide any specific details.