What type of bidding process will be used?

Florida county tax certificates sales are “bid down” auctions, in which a bidder is bidding down the interest rate return on investment the bidder is willing to accept on the delinquent taxes, interest, costs and charges. The maximum interest rate (and starting point for bidding) is 18% per year. The minimum interest rate (and ending point for bidding) is 0% per year. Bids may be made in even increments or in fractional interest rate bids of one-quarter percent only. The tax certificate will be struck off to the person who will pay the delinquent taxes, interest, costs and charges at the lowest interest rate return on investment. With respect to St. Johns County auctions, if a certificate is bid down to one-quarter of one percent (.25%) per year, the first such bid will be the winning bid for the particular certificate (there are no ties and proxy bidding is not permitted).